I'm not good at blogging

So...i've been busy? I know I suck at blogging. Partly because I am pretty sure that not one person reads it. Partly because I have a facebook account and I basically update it weekly. And partly because I just dont have time. OK Thats not entirely true. I am sure I waste countless minutes on the web reading cupcake blogs, parenting blogs, CNN, and of course, TMZ. I guess part of me wonders if anyone really cares what I have to say- even as I type this i find myself losing interest in what I have to say. Is that sad? Not to me it isnt. These days, its all about going through the motions- just get through the moment to get to the next moment. Again, not the best outlook overall, but if I am being honest, it is what it is. Its not to say I dont stop and smell the roses every so often. I try to capture little moments in each day, and preserve the memory somewhere deep in my mind. And hope the stupid mundane details of my everyday ongoings dont gobble it up. Its like that scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- where Jim Carrey is trying to hide Kate Winslet in his memories in hopes that the eraser people dont find her and take her away from his memory forever. So here I am...trying to hide my amazing little captured moments from the erases of the world- the bills, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, the crayon marks on the wall, and the like. These past 18 months have been much too dense to sum up in a word, a line, a paragraph or even a book. Lots of ups, sadly some pretty low lows...I've lost some, I've gained more, and I am still on the fence as to whether I've learned anything from it all. I am sure I have. I hope. Like I said- i am in the thick of it all...I'll have much to reflect on for years to come. But I wouldnt change one moment for another- even all the worry...it all comes from love


Leaves are falling

Happy Fall from the Deech Crew!


Aida Ryan and Julian Joseph enjoy the summer

my summer babies...

Meet the babies family picnic

No summer is complete without an italian barbeque- no grill of course- just the usual vareity of pastas, sausage and peppers, eggplant parm, chicken cutlets and salad. This year our family celebrated the arrival of 4 babies all within a month of eachother. So we celebrated at Uncle Carmen's with an elaborate family picnic and passed babies around all day long.


Welcome Aida Ryan DiChiara

On June 27th, 2009 we welcomed Aida Ryan DiChiara to our world at 6 lbs 4 oz, 18 inches long. Julian is the proud big brother and loving his baby sister.


the good and the bad

Well, to say that we have been somewhat busy is an understatement....once you read about the ongoings you'll understand why I haven't posted anything in months. I'm not quite sure where to begin so i'll just dive into it- we have recently become homeowners! We close on our house in Franklin Ma the first week of June. Since its a new construction, we really got to put a lot of thought into the design, layout, and all the little details. Now this entire process has taken a total of 4 months- and while it hasn't been exactly a smooth sailing all the way through, its actually been very enjoyable. We have been having a lot of fun designing and picking out cabinets, granite, faucets, lighting, etc. Fortunatley we have the same exact taste so no real road blocks there.

As for me, I am feeling pretty good! I have 5 weeks left till my scheduled C-section which is planned for July 2nd. It has really only been in the last few days that I have started to really feel like i've slowed down. Joe has been doing all the packing and organizing- I help where I can, but to take any credit for all our progress would just be unfair to my husband who has been a rockstar with the whole moving process. I am also still working and plan to do so for the coming few weeks till we move. Then I'll be home for the last few weeks of my pregnancy- enjoying the time with Julian and getting ready for baby girl Deech's arrival. She's been kicking me like crazy though at all hours of the day- I hope this just means she's staying awake now with plans to sleep a lot later :)

On some sad news, (this is the bad i refer to in my title) our family recently suffered a very sad loss- our dog Piper had been diagonosed with cancer around Easter time- On May 15th, her time with our family came to an end. We are forever grateful for the wonderful memories, the unconditional love, and the motherly acts of affection she displayed to our son. Piper was every bit a part of our family as any of us- we think about her everyday and miss her dearly.

And so not to end on such a sad note, I give you Julian Joseph at 21 months- being as awesome as ever, and making us laugh when we need it most.